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I am a graduate from Manchester School of Art where I studied 3D Design specialising in jewellery. My work often stems from themes such as memory, value and comfort and I try to continue this throughout various projects. I am passionate about jewellery but am also interested in designing and making metal hardware and accessories and the use of mixed media within my work.





Future Makers
8th February – 31st March 2018
Manchester Craft & Design Centre

The lovely ladies at Studio 1 in Manchester Craft & Design Centre got in touch, and I was delighted to be asked if I would be one of  seven resident Future Makers: displaying pieces of work from my graduate collection MOTION in various studios in the centre for the duration of the exhibition. I didn’t hesitate to say that I would love to and headed over to Manchester for a wonderful opening night. Future Makers 2018 launched in collaboration with ‘Breathe’: a showcase of the work of the winners of the 2017 MMU Graduate Award glass blower Jahday Ford and digital designer Joseph Hillary (two lovely men who studied 3D Design with me at MMU). It was so exciting to see so many familiar faces the launch, both exhibitors and friends who had come in support,  and wonderful to see the talent from the 3D course being recognised!

I feel honoured to have my work on display in the Craft & Design Centre, somewhere that I visited throughout my degree as a source of inspiration – I’m so grateful to Studio 1 for having chosen me to display my work in their gorgeous space.

In the run up to the launch all seven Future Makers were interviewed and you can read the interviews here: https://www.craftanddesign.com/events/future-makers-2018/

You can read a little bit more about the exhibition in this extract from the Craft & Design Centres’ website:

‘In support of new, emerging talent, each year our resident makers hand pick promising ‘Future Makers’ to showcase their work here at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. These new designers are either currently studying, recent graduates or newly emerging and this opportunity will bring their beautiful work into the spotlight. This year we have a total of seven Future Makers, all with their own unique craft, working with different processes and materials.

Kitty Jones, a recent graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art, is one of our talented young makers selected to feature her work within the Future Makers 2018 exhibition. Her innovative jewellery pieces were selected by our Resident Makers in Studio 1: Amy Wilkinson, Charlotte Verity and Laura Richardson. Kitty’s work is inspired by the positive impact of childhood comfort objects and how this concept can be transferred into adulthood. In her own words her research confirmed that even as adults ‘we still experience strange and unusual situations day after day where nerves and anxiety can be controlled by objects of comfort’. Her collection of jewellery entitled MOTION sets out to provide this comfort through interaction, touch and movement. The beautiful pieces are incredibly effective and explore complex ideas within a sleek and sophisticated form.’


New Designers
Week 2

I was thrilled to be asked to take my Collection Motion down to New Designers Week 2 along with a whole host of impressive work from across my course. It was great to see the other work being exhibited from universities across the country and although I feel that my work might been more suited to exhibiting in week 1 I still had lots of interest in my collection and it was an invaluable experience to be part of a large exhibition like this.


The Skinny

I am delighted to have been mentioned in The Skinny’s article named ‘Best in (Degree) Show’ for my graduate collection Motion. The full article can be found online here.


‘You Made It’
Manchester School of Art Degree Show

The Degree show opening night was a great success and I continued to get a lot of interest and positive feedback about my collection over the two weeks it ran for. Shortly after I received my results and found out that I had achieved a 1st overall for my final year and was over the moon! All the hard work and determination paid off and I can now proudly say that I have a First Class Honours degree in Three Dimensional Design (BA Hons).